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Various Durable Packing Boxes from BestSub

Durable packing boxes are of great importance in shipping or moving coffee mugs, cups, and other small items. BestSub has been committed to providing you with such solutions. Our packing boxes fold to provide strong walls of protection on the fronts and sides. They are constructed for compressive strength, which is a useful quality for stacking. These packing boxes are easy to fold together in seconds, no tape or glue needed. They can also be folded flat for shipping, storage, or transport.

To meet the demand of diversification, BestSub has developed various boxes for packing mugs, puzzles, bottles, ornaments, phone cases, tablet cases, fabrics, T-shirts, and plates. What’s more, we have solid corrugated cardboard boxes for two standard 10oz, 11oz, or 15oz mugs. If you want to personalize the packing box as a gift box, we also have sublimation fabric mug boxes for your option, which can be personalized with your company logo or favorite design by sublimation printing.
Item No. Item Name
BH11 Personalized Gift Box with Window
BH12 11oz Mug Box with Foam
BH14 White Inner Box for 17oz Mugs
BH17 15oz Mug Box with Foam
BH21 Smash Proof Mug Box (11oz)
BH22 Double Hard Brown Paper Box for 11oz Mugs
BH23 White Box for B16KF-N
BH24 Double Hard Brown Paper Box for 15oz Mugs
BH88 White Inner Box (11oz)
BH99 Brown Cardboard Mug Box (11oz)
BHPT01 White Box for Puzzle
BHSH White Inner Box for 600ml Bottle
PBH01 Craft Paper Box (for Bottle, Universal)
PBH02 Craft Paper Box (for Ornament, Universal)
PBH03 Craft Paper Box (for Case, Universal)
PBH04 Craft Paper Box (for Fabric, Universal)
PBH05 Craft Paper Box (for Tablet Case, Universal)
PBH06 Craft Paper Box (for T-shirt, Universal)
PH88 White Inner Box of 8 in. Plate for Full Image Printing
PH99 White Inner Box of 10 in. Plate for Full Image Printing
WFBH15 Sublimation Fabric Mug Box (11oz)
WFBH16 Sublimation Fabric Mug Box with Window (11oz)

1. Leading market by qualified service;
2. Fashionable design with vivid sublimation printing effect;
3. Outstanding as personal gifts and promotional gifts or for commercial use;
4. Decades expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub.

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