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15oz Stainless Steel Mug (MOQ: 200pcs)



Item Name: 15oz Stainless Steel Mug (Silver)
Item No.: B15G
MOQ: 200pcs

Stainless steel mug, 15oz, 8.2*9.8cm.
This stainless steel mug is one of the coolest mugs ever, with the cool solid silver mug surface that gives a smooth and comfortable touch. The mug surface can be imprinted with images by sublimation printing. You can personalize this mug with some cool pictures or pattern to make it more awesome.

Product Info
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Capacity: 450ml
Weight: 20kg
Dimension: 570*450*440mm
Size: 8.2*9.8cm
Printing Size: 20*9.5cm

Printing Instructions
For BestSub Mug Presses
1. Print on the sublimation paper, mirror image;
2. Use the mug press and small mug heater;
3. Medium pressure.
Referential printing parameters: 330℉, 40 seconds
By JTrans® Easy Mug Press


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