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Warning: For the matter of safe deposit, please be completely sure that you transfer to our Bank of China or paypal account shown below. We highly recommend confirming with BestSub’s sales team before each depositing. Any other bank accounts or on-line accounts should be considered as phishing websites. E-mail only sent from the domain of bestsub.net shall be trustworthy. Thus, BestSub will not be responsible for any loss caused by insecure operation in transfer.

BANK ACCOUNT 1 ONLY could accept RMB: 

Bank Name: Bank of China Guangzhou Friendship Store Branch
Account Name: 
BestSub Technologies Co Limited 
Account No.: 632768707742 


BANK ACCOUNT 2 for all foreign currency, including USD.: 
Bank Name: Bank of China Guangzhou Friendship Store Branch
Bank Address: F1, Guangzhou friendship store, No. 369, Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District, 510095, Guangzhou
Beneficiary name: BestSub Technologies Co Limited
Account No.: 706872672076


PayPal: yanqingchina@bestsub.net