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Sublimation Acrylic Keyring (Heart, 5*5*0.4cm)


Item Name: Sublimation Acrylic Keyring (Heart, 5*5*0.4cm)
Item No.: AKYA06
Material: Acrylic
Size: 5*5*0.4cm
Printing Size: 5*5*0.4cm
Referential Printing Parameters: 180℃, 80 seconds
By JTrans® Plus Flat Heat Press

Note: Every acrylic keychain has protective films on both sides. Peel off the film on the printable side before printing, then peel off the other one after printing.

Printing Instructions:
1. Print your image on sublimation paper, no need to mirror the image;
2. Take off the ring from the keychain;
3. Set low printing pressure;
4. Set printing temperature to 180℃ and time to 80 seconds.
5. Peel off the protective film on the printable side;
6. Tape the image on the keychain;
7. Put a piece of protective paper on the heat press, place the keychain with the printable side up, then cover it with another piece of protective paper to avoid ink stains on the heat platen, and press the keychain.
8. Peel off the paper and the protective film on the other side.
9. Attach the ring to the keychain.


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