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Brand New 3D Mini Vacuum Press from BestSub

Sublimation Towel

3D sublimation has entered the new era with the brand new 3D mini vacuum press. BestSub keeps pace with the latest technologies and presents you the most compact and power design even seen in the histroy of sublimation printing.

Item Name: Mini 3D Vacuum Sublimation Press
Item No.: ZK1520
Rated Voltage: 230V/100V
Rated Frequency: 50HZ (50-60HZ)
Rated Power: 1300W
Color Available: White and Black
Printing Dimension: 150mm X 200mm X 20mm
Dimension:345 X 370 X 350mm
Net Weight: 6 KG
Vacuum Flow: 10 L/M
Voltage of Vacuum Pump: 12/10W
Max Vacuum Pressure: -640mmHg
Certification: CE
Sublimation Towel

User's Panel

Power: Turn On/Off
Time Set: press to set time. Keep pressing for 5 seconds to Cancel set time
Temperature Set: press to set temperature.
Plus(+): for sequential increasing
Minus(-): for sequential decreasing
Note: Press + and - at the same time to transit between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Heating: for heating the machine
Vacuum: for vacuuming the concerning
Timing: for countdown

1. Compact design but powerful printing capacity;
2. Small dimension, portable and space saving;
3. Energy conservation with less power consumption;
4. User friendly design with simple application;
5. Excellent sublimation/More efficient/Powerful 3D printing;
6. Far infrared radiation coat for a higher and even heating printing;
7. Efficient air extraction and accurate countdown.

More interesting sublimation and DIY printing items are available at BestSub'st homepage: www.bestsub.com
Also, you are welcome to visit our Youtube page for tutorial videos: www.bestsub.tv. You can also follow us on Facebook and twitter.