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Craft Express Eco Mini Heat Press & 9’’ x 9’’ Portable Heat Press for Home Craft Projects!



Turning your creativity into a craft business! Craft Express Eco Mini Heat Press and 9’’ x 9’’ Portable Heat Press are here to help you get started! They’re super lightweight and portable, ideal for daily iron-on essentials, allowing you to start a craft business at home with ease!
New Space-Saving Home Essentials
It's more powerful than you think! The home-friendly size doesn't take up much space and can dramatically improve the efficiency of your crafting projects, unlocking greater potential!

You’re More Creative Than You Realize
In addition to your daily iron-on essentials, you can add your own creativity to items such as hats, shoes, earrings, stuffed animals, and more. Or print the child's name on the school bag to make it easier for them to recognize their belongings!

Ease of Use! Immerse Yourself in the Craft Process
One button, three levels of heat for all your heat transfer needs! Skip the tedious setup process, it’s a must-have for craft beginners. With the small heating platen, you can make intricate prints on hard-to-reach areas.

Great for Your Garment Business
The 9'' x 9'' Portable Heat Press is the perfect size to create prints on t-shirts, tote bags, purses, ornaments, photo panels and more flat items!

Express Your Creativity Anytime, Anywhere
Lightweight and compact, allowing you to focus on the craft project at hand!

Item Name: 2’’ x3’’ Craft Express Eco Mini Heat Press
Item No.: CEHPL0203-LB
Product Dimension: 10.7*6.4*10.2cm
Printing Size: 6.1*10.6cm
Net Weight: 390g
Voltage: 220V/110V 50~60Hz
Power: 250W/180W MAX ±5%
Temp. Range: Three levels of heat; 140℃/284℉、160℃/320℉、190℃/374℉
Time Range: No
Item Name: 9’’ x 9’’ Craft Express Eco Portable Heat Press
Item No.: CEHPL0909LB
Power: 1200W MAX ±5%
Voltage: 220V/110V 50~60Hz
Temp. Range: 185-400℉(85-205℃)
Time Range: 0-600 seconds

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