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Craft Hobby PLUS Mug Press | Compatible with 14+ Heating Attachments

A compact mug press has always been a popular demand for craft enthusiasts who don’t have enough space for equipment. Now, the compact, yet powerful mug press is back! We’ve got you covered a PLUS one, offering even more compatibility while still fitting perfectly in your small workshop or home.

One Mug Press, Endless Possibilities!

Large working frame for accommodating up to 14 heating attachments, covering all heating attachments we provide, solving almost all printing needs from 1.5oz to 40oz, from skinny tumbler to conic shape.

√ Dual Screw Knobs

Featuring two pressure screw knobs, make it perfect for accommodating longer heating attachments and resulting in even heat distribution.

√ Upgraded Heating Attachment

It provides longer service life and even heating, getting stunning effects for every print.

√ Digital Touch Screen

Concise interface and simple operation logic make it easy to use, even for beginners.

√ Easy to Replace

Simply remove the heating attachment and secure the required one, the replacement is complete!

√ Every Fun Moment

Create an extraordinary immersive experience and enjoy fabulous artwork at all times!


Item Name: Craft Hobby Plus 40oz Tumbler Press (Touch Screen)
Item No.: CE-MP40TSLB
Voltage: 220/110V
Machine Dimension: 33.5*19.5*23.5cm
Power: 4000W
Weight: 5.9kg
Designed for sublimation heat transfer printing on 40oz stainless steel tumblers, 20oz ceramic mugs and large diameter cylinder mugs, water bottles and travel tumblers.
Mug heating attachment with 5 pins.

Item Name: 40oz Mug Tumbler Heating Attachment
Item No.: CE-MP40BDS
The upgraded heating pad offers a longer lifespan and more even heating, delivering stunning effects for every print.
Compatible with Craft Hobby 40oz Plus Tumbler Press and Craft Express Elite Pro Max Tumbler Press.
Compatible Diameter: 9.5-10.2 cm (3.74-4 inches)
Maximum Printable Length: 14 cm (5.5 inches)
with 5 pins plug
Item Name: Craft Hobby Mug Press (Touch Screen)
Item No.: CE-MP11TSLB
Temperature range: 0-250℃
Time Range: 1-999 seconds
Voltage 220V, electric current 1.26A
Power 300W
Net weight: 4.2kgs
Packing: Styrofoam + carton
This machine contains 11oz mug heater, compatible for different heaters(1.5oz, 3oz, 3oz small glass, 9oz, 10oz, 11oz, 12oz Stemless Cup,17oz Tumbler).
Mug heating attachment with 5 pin plug
One of the best options for 11oz sublimation mugs.

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