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Enjoy Sublimating with BestSub Versatile Shrink Films!

BestSub introduce to you an amazing sublimation technique—shrink film. Try them out, enjoy sublimating with this versatile tool!

1. Print More. BestSub shrink filmis available in many different sizes for printing all kinds of substrates. It will never be a problem to imprint large and irregular-shaped items.

2. Print Beautifully. Once heated, the shrink film will shrink to fit the substrates tightly and produce proper pressure for better image transfer.

3.Versatile & Flexible.With the shrink film, you can print partially or fully, print single pattern, full-bleed or seamless images. For a stemless bottle, you can simply place the film around it, while for a mug with handle, you can cut down one seam, tape down the film and wrap up the whole mug.

4. Customize Your Shrink Film. The shrink film can fit most of BestSub blanks. You can also tell us your requirements, so we can customize the shrink films that best fit your substrates.

5. More Choices of Machine. The shrink film is suitable for using in BestSub All-Purpose Sublimation Oven, iSmart sublimation Oven, Tunnel Oven, and 3D Vacuum Machine.

Item Name: Shrink Film (135*70mm)
Item No.:RSMW70-1
Size: 135mm wide, 70mm long
Weight: 63.5g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film (180*70mm)
Item No.:RSMW70-2
Size: 180mm wide, 70mm long
Weight: 85g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film (120*150mm)
Item No.: RSMW150-1
Size: 120mm wide, 150mm long
Item Name: Shrink Sleeve(180*150mm)
Item No.: RSMW150-2
Size: 180mm wide, 150mm long
Weight: 181g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film(135*150mm)
Item No.:RSMW150-3
Size: 135mm wide, 150mm long
Weight: 181g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film(250*150mm)
Item No.:RSMW150-4
Size: 250mm wide, 150mm long
Weight: 243g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film(230*165mm)
Item No.:RSMW165-1
Size: 230mm wide, 165mm long
Weight: 253.4g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film (120*175mm)
Item No.:RSMW175-1
Size: 120mm wide, 175mm long
Weight: 140.6g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film(250*175mm)
Item No.:RSMW175-2
Size: 250mm wide, 175mm long
Weight: 283g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film (150*195mm)
Item No.:RSMW195-1
Size: 150mm wide, 195mm long
Weight: 206g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film(230*195mm)
Item No.:RSMW195-2
Size: 230mm wide, 195mm long
Weight: 181g/pack
Item Name:Shrink Film (80*235mm)
Item No.:RSMW235-1
Size: 80mm wide, 235mm long
Weight: 126g/pack
Item Name:Shrink Film (150*235mm)
Item No.:RSMW235-2
Size: 150mm wide, 235mm long
Weight: 248.16g/pack
Item Name:Shrink Film (300*235mm)
Item No.:RSMW235-300
Size: 300mm wide, 235mm long
Weight: 170g/pack
Item Name: Shrink Film (335*150mm)
Item No.:RSMW335-1
Size: 335mm wide, 150mm long
Weight: 336g/pack

1. Leading market by qualified service;
2. Fashionable design with vivid sublimation printing effect;
3. Outstanding as personal gifts and promotional gifts or for commercial use;
4. Decades expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub.

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