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Otter Tri-layer A3 DTF Dryer Pro & DTF Purifier - Essential Partner for Batch DTF Projects

Designed specifically for home DTF printing projects, this tri-layer A3 DTF Dryer Pro and an air purifier, deliver efficiency, fresh air, and user-friendly operation for bulk melting tasks. Featuring hot air circulation within its chamber, reaching temperatures of up to 150℃, it eliminates concerns of oil return, ensuring crisper, longer-lasting, and more vivid prints.

Evenly Heating
With advanced heating technology, this oven delivers precise and uniform heat distribution across all decks, ensuring consistently high-quality results with every batch.

Batch Curing with Ease
With its three-layer design, it enables efficient batch curing whether you're drying cut-to-size samples or popular DTF film sizes on the market! Only 12 minutes, curing 6 sheets of A4 film or 3 sheets of A3 film.

No Oil Return
Maintaining an adequate curing temperature is crucial to prevent oil return on DTF film. Our DTF Dryer is designed with a maximum temperature of 150℃, ensuring clear and smudge-free prints every time.

DTF Air Purifier
Rear purifier connector for a concise and sleek appearance! The DTF air purifier works perfectly with this oven dryer, featuring 3-layer filter cotton, effectively eliminating odors and smoke to keep your air fresh.

User-friendly Interface
The touch screen is intuitively designed with clear icons, making it effortless for you to initiate operations.

Item Name: Otter Tri-layer A3 DTF Dryer Pro
Item No.: OT-DRYA3LB
Product size: 544*603*303mm
Product capacity: 32L
Color: light blue
3-layer metal wire wracks
Temperature: 40-150℃
Time: 1-60min
Power: 1450W
Net weight: 14.3g
Item Name: Otter DTF Purifier
Item No.: OT-FLLB
Work for Otter DTF Dryer OT-DRYA3LB
Product size: 285*250*345mm
Power: 110V/220V 150W
Color: light blue
Pack with 1.5M hose, 2 hose clamps and 3 additional sheets of oil-absorbing cotton

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