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New Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler Bottles and Neoprene Insulators from BestSub

Have you considered getting a new personalized stainless steel tumbler or bottle for every day drink? Now BestSub can provide the healthy and practical solution for you! There are 18oz, 20oz, 30oz, 36oz and 64oz bottles for your option. Besides, we can provide you with tumblers without coating. We also have neoprene insulators in different sizes for protection for you to choose from.

The stainless steel tumblers can keep drinks cold or hot for longer time. The sleek and attractive design makes them eye-catching for a modern day tumbler. Besides, their sweat free design with no condensation keeps your hands dry. These bottles are reusable for lifetime. They are perfect for team gifts, office gifts, birthday gifts and holiday gifts.

The new stainless steel tumblers come without stamped branding, providing a sleek untarnished look, so you can customize your own one by sublimation printing, laser printing, cutting plotters and vinyls. Take BestSub's personalized tumblers to sports events, tailgating, holiday gatherings, the lake, beach, road trips, campfires, even your office!
Stainless Steel Tumbler Bottles
Item No. Product Name Size
BYETI18S 18oz Stainless Steel Bottle 18oz
BYETIV20S 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler 20oz
BYETI30S 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler 30oz
BYETI36S 36oz Stainless Steel Bottle 36oz
BYETI64S 64oz Stainless Steel Bottle 64oz
Neoprene Insulators
Item No. Product Name Size
YETIT12 Neoprene Insulator for 12oz Bottle L9*W12.5cm
YETIT18 Neoprene Insulator for 18oz Bottle L17*W12cm
YETIT20 Neoprene Insulator for 20oz Tumbler L14*W13.5cm
YETIT30 Neoprene Insulator for 30oz Tumbler L10*W15cm
YETIT36 Neoprene Insulator for 36oz Bottle L19*W15cm

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