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Ultra Fast Like No Other - Craft Express ARC B1 20W & 40W Laser Engraving Machine

The Craft Express ARC B1 Laser Engraving Machine - delivers unparalleled speed, precision, and efficiency to your laser projects. Whether it's for branding, personalization, or exploring everyday hobbies, the ARC B1 laser engraving machine is your go-to solution.

 √20W Laser Power
 √300x280mm Work Area
 √USB/WIFI Connection Method
 √Protective Cover
 √Safety Goggles
 √BTilt Protection
 √No Assembly Required

High-Speed for Batch Processing

Engraving an 80 x 90mm design takes just 44 seconds!

Adjustable Air Assist

With the aid of air assist, it ensures more smooth, cleaner and finer outputs.

Ultra-fine Engraving Performance

Achieve photo-realistic engraving results with an accuracy of less than 0.01 mm.

Honeycomb Working Table

Ultra concise and compact design with a larger work area! The size of the honeycomb working table is 11.8 x 11.8 inches ( 300 x 300 mm ). It maintains a flat surface for accurate engraving.

Unlimited Height for Creativity

With a 40mm high adjustable platform, and beyond that, you can enhance its versatility by adding extra raisers.

One-Stop Solution for Seamless Workflow - Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

 √Protective Cover & Safety Goggles

  The protective cover is made from fire-proof material, and its enclosed design minimizes exposure to smog and odors. Paired with the laser filter window and goggles, you can safely observe the entire process.

 √Tilt Protection

With a tilt protection design, it will stop working when tilted beyond a designated angle.

 √Smoke Purifier

With a built-in 3-stage filtration system, creating a refreshing work environment.

 √Desktop Protection Tray

Designed to shield the table from laser damage and gather debris generated during the process.

What ARC B1 Can Cut & Engrave?

This engraving machine is compatible with a wide range of materials to meet your diverse needs!
NOTE: The blue ray system cannot accurately process objects with light-colored, white, or transparent surfaces.

Extraordinary Creations in Minutes

Elevate the richness of your everyday moments with the ARC B1 engraving machines. More possibilities await – embark on a journey of exploration!

Make ARC B1 Even More Intuitive & User-Friendly with Powerful Software Solutions

Compatible Software:
 √Craft Express

Item Name: Craft Express ARC B1 Laser Engraving Machine
Material: Aluminum alloy, with a protective cover
Laser Head: Lightweight, High Resolution
Laser tube type and power: LED20W blue light, wavelength 450nm
Working area: 300*300mm
Machine size: 630*510*180mm
Net Weight: 7.5KG
Resolution: 1000DPI
Laser tube: LED 20W blue light, wavelength 450nm
Max acceleration: 8000mm/s²
Max engraving speed: 500m/s
Connection: Wi-Fi, USB
File formats: DXF, BMP, AI, SVG etc.
Operating systems: compatible with LaserGRBL, LIGHTBRUN
Layer design: supports multi-layer settings, each layer has independent processing parameters, and can achieve multiple different processing effects in one step.
Air Assist: External air assist
Item Name: Craft Express Smoke Purifier
Customized smoke purifier for craft express ARC C1 and B1 engraver
Packing: wooden packaging
Item Name: Protective Cover for ARC B1 Laser Engraving Machine
Customized protective cover for Craft Express ARC B1 Laser Engraving Machine

1. Professional digital printing solution provider;
2. 8000+ sublimation blanks, craft heat presses, laser engraving machine, Material & DTF printing system;
3. Leading market by qualified service;
4. 23 years of expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub;

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